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Ex-Adventure Racer of Team EASTWIND(2010-2012), officially retired as a racer in September 2012. Introducing ways to enjoy outdoor activities, race and event information, and my private indoor&outdoor daily life.


ONE WORLD with Huaraches Project

ONE WORLDバトンリレーの一環として、友人の木村東吉さんが表題のプロジェクトを立ち上げました。

近年BORN TO RUNという本がキッカケとなり有名になった自家製サンダルのことです。






ウェブサイトのKay's Eyeページより私の参加のキッカケが紹介されています。



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Good friend of mine Tokichi Kimura started this project as a part of "One World Baton Relay".

Have you ever heard of "Huaraches"?
They are hand-made sandals. Huaraches were introduced and now quite famous item because of this book Born To Run. 

Tokichi started making his huaraches on his own about one and half year ago, and he made a pair for me then. I considered myself a pretty touch runner, I could run 110km on trails. Well, with a pair of running shoes that is. I ran 5km with huaraches for the first time, my calves were sore like they've never been! 
I was in shock, and realized how much running shoes were supporting my muscles to run. That also meant how much they've made my muscles weak too. Running with huaraches was definitely going to help me build more strength, strength I had but never used or trained. 

When I first heard that Tokichi was planning this project, I instantly decided that I'd join. I just needed to make some arrangements with work, take holidays etc... 
I asked him if I could join and support this project. He said yes! 

I'll be running a charity marathon with Tokochi, with huaraches,  from his home in Lake Kawagchi, at the foot of Mt.Fuji to Kobe, approximate distance of 510km, getting sponsored by companies to support the devastated areas of Tohoku Earthquake (the east Japan great earthquake that occurred in March 11, 2011).   

This is the project's website, and it has a page named "Kay's Eye". I'll be updating our status, information of this project etc on the website, Facebook and Twitter.
We'll start running on October 30, about 30km each day and we plan to finish in Kobe on November 16.  

Please keep an eye on us, support us by spreading about this project!

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